Monday, June 26, 2006

Now that some of you have the new catalogs

Here's a special deal:

The first 4 people to place an order of $50 or more between July 1st and 5th will receive a discount of 20% on their entire order. You can order $225 worth of merchandise and only have to pay $180 (plus shipping and taxes). If you do that, you'll also get the hostess exclusive stamp set PLUS $20 in free merchandise of your choice! What a deal!

That's right. I wont be making any money of these orders. I'm giving it to my loyal customers. But just for those 5 days.

Here's one condition though. Your order must contain at least 1 brand new never before seen item in the catalog. A new stamp set, paper or accessory.

You may phone in your orders or email them. Just remember to do it between the 1st and the 5th. Anything that comes in before or after those dates will not qualify.

Have fun shopping!

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