Sunday, May 27, 2007

What a weekend

Wow! I've had an incredible weekend! This was the weekend for the Annual London Stampede. I put this Demonstrator Training Event on every year. This year was pretty stressful as a few things are different this year - I lost my one-time partner. She dropped her Stampin' Up! demonstratorship and I also have been working a very stressful job as well this time around.

Anyway, it's done and overwith for this year. Even though so many things didn't go perfectly, I still had mostly good feedback. We had alot of fun even though we froze our tooshies off!

I'll post pictures later. Right now I have to go to bed. Work again tomorrow. No rest for the wicked I guess!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stamp tip of the week

If you are trying out chalks then you will find that your image will look best if you "shade" with the chalk rather than just colouring the whole image in with the same strength of pigment eg: when colouring petals on flowers try and shade just the edges of the petals and then put a little shading towards the centre of the flower.
--From Life Tips

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stamp Tip

Tip of the Week
Use a Blender pen to create water-color looks with your marker. Apply some pen color onto a plastic plate then pick up the color with the blender pen and color your image. To clean the blender pen, brush onto a scrap piece of paper until you see clear ink again. You can also use the blender to take color straight off the end of your pen and then draw with the blender.
-- From Life Tips