Saturday, July 08, 2006

Stamp Tip

Here's a stamp tip from Stamp.Life newsletters:

You can use your unwanted CD´s to create some really interesting
stamped items for use on cards or for turning into pins/brooches or jewelry!
Just break up your CD (wrap it in an old cloth and hit with a hammer -
have fun!) and then coat one side with pigment ink and dip into Ultra
Thick Embossing Powder. Heat with your heat gun until melted and then
stamp into the UTEE while it is still soft. Add any other embellishments
you want, and stick a pin on the back or glue the piece to your card

Some of these are cool I may have to do a class on them some time!

Image is from Ruth Ann Zaroff

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MsFit said...

Oooo, pretty - cool idea!