Saturday, March 10, 2007

Stamp Tip

If you love using Pearl Ex or are just beginning to use it, then you´ll be pleased to know that you can use Pearl Ex powders with your blender pen! Just pick up the color of your choice with the end of your blender pen and "paint" it across your image wherever you like. You will not have to use a spray sealer to seal the color to the page. It's good just the way it is.
(from Life Tips)


Dawn Mercedes said...

Thanks for this tip. A friend gave me a couple of colors and was wanting to know of a simple way to use pearl ex!

I can't wait to get your prize from the "name this set" contest!

Dana said...

Well now, isn't that a clever tip! I've been using pearl-ex for years now and theat never occured to me. I'm off to try it now!